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Today's incredible amateur, Kanako, appears! - This is a married woman I happened to meet when I was wandering around town! - Even though there was a convenience store right in front of me, I purposely asked her where it was, and the ending of her words was kind of sweet! - He's probably a kind person. - I thought this might be a possibility, so we talked a little, and it seemed like they were shopping for dinner! - She looks like a very ordinary housewife! - However, he seems to have been fired from his part-time job, so I wonder if he's having trouble with money. - When I talked about my part-time job at Nameto, what happened! - I was given an OK as long as I was wearing a mask! - With this, you can get an instant hotel deal before you change your mind! - Apparently, she hasn't been with her husband for about a year, so that's why she came with me! - ? - Kanako is a little nervous in front of the camera! - However, when you take off your clothes, you'll see plump beautiful breasts and a plump body! - This looks delicious! - She's quiet, but her body is erotic! - People say that the more flashy people are, the more they are single-minded, but somehow that seems to be true! - Kanako feels the cock for the first time in a while while getting her small pussy wet! - A frustrated beautiful wife is super erotic!