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Mr. Ryu is persuaded to prevent his poorly performing daughter from repeating a grade, and ends up having to deal with an unscrupulous teacher's tricks. - Although she grimaces, she takes the big cock deep into her throat. - After he cums in her mouth, the unscrupulous teacher makes her take off her clothes, saying that she probably wants a letter of recommendation next time. - Ryu-san does as she is told and strips naked, then his hands and feet are bound and she is assaulted with toys. - She is twisting her hips and trying her best to endure it, but it looks like she has come. - The scene changes, and after playing with her beautiful body as much as she wants, it's finally time for the real thing. - It's worth seeing the sight of the sexy Ryu-san being penetrated as he is told and shouting, "It feels so good!" - At the end, Ryu-san murmured to the unscrupulous teacher who even creampied her, saying, "Please do it again." - .