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Yuko, a plump married woman, appears wearing a competitive swimsuit. - After all, if you wear a swimsuit, you'll have to do warm-up exercises even in your room. - lol- Yuko can't stop grinning, perhaps from embarrassment.- When I push the electric massager between her thighs little by little, she gradually feels better and starts moaning. - “Ahaan” comes out from her thick lips.- I asked my girlfriend, Yuko, to lie down, cut off the pussy part of her swimsuit with scissors, and started cunnilingus.- Immediate blowjob from licking the back muscles. - She rubs the cock while hooking the glans with her thick lips. - Looks like you're good at blowjobs.- She straddles the cock in cowgirl position and inserts it all the way until it hits the crack. - The wife feels so good that she shakes her hips back and forth.- It's good to get on all fours and insert it from behind, and if you thrust quickly, it will respond in a rhythmic manner.- At the end, she cums inside her completely wet pussy with a high-speed piston in the missionary position! - Recommended for married women who like swimsuits with holes.