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Straight black hair, baby-faced Chika Hirako, HEYZO's second appearance! - The latest Dutch wife Anchan, who is so elaborate and emotional that she can be mistaken for a real human being. - The Anchan who arrived politely greets "Thank you for your purchase" and begins to masturbate with the included toys. - Mikane and Anchan will give a blow job to her husband's erected Ji ○ who was watching it. - While always staring at her husband's eyes, she gets deep throated and cums with oral ejaculation. - Anchan smiles with a smile, "Sperm is delicious." - The next day, while taking a walk with such Anchan, she gets entangled in a cock and she is detained naked. - And to be attacked by three men. - .. - .. - At first she hated it, but she gradually fell into pleasure and even squirted a lot. - .. - .. - It is also a must-see for the appearance of changing from a cute face to a naughty face!