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HEYZO's first appearance, Luna Kobayashi, is an office lady who has nothing to do. - While she is working overtime alone, she finds a lost purse on the way to buy juice after a break. - She is tired of work, and there is a small gap in her mind when she is short of money. - .. - .. - An angel and a devil lurking in my heart have appeared! - The angel recommends Luna to deliver the wallet to the security officer, but of course the devil encourages him to steal it. - Such an angel and a devil started a fight, and for some reason her conclusion was agreed that the one who made her feel good would win (meaning unknown ...). - When that happens, the angel also suddenly changes! - !! - I can't say anything beautiful to make her feel good! - The dick of Luna who is attacking the desire that rushes like a rage from two people also gets wet! - The last is a double and a large amount of vaginal cum shot! - !!