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A beautiful full-body tattoo with black hair and white skin up to the waist, and tattoos and piercings all over her body. - She has an artist-like atmosphere with exuding eros and presence. - She has been tattooing her since she was 18 years old, and her goal is to keep it until there is no room for her whole body. - Her piercings are on the forehead, nipples, ear lobes, tongue, and pussy. - The reason for her application is that she "likes AV". - Her first experience, first tattoo, tattooing, bathing, introduction of tattoos on her whole body, etc., her interviews are usually interesting as a documentary. .. - Please enjoy plenty from blindfold restraint rotor & vibe play to vaginal cum shot SEX by twisting the glossy tattoo body and panting. - The ultimate Eros rarity is the highest! - Must-see!