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"Aya Rei", a physical actress who is very popular for her fair-skinned huge breasts dynamite body, will deceive a man with the sex appeal of an adult and will develop the finest meat entertainment as a luxury soap lady.- This is an executive membership luxury condominium soap located in Azabujuban, Minato-ku.- Imbalance of provocative eyes and sweet voice, beautiful white big breasts with blood vessels and plump big butt- Rei Aya who reigns over Miss No1 as a weapon. - She is a woman who was born to do Eloy.- While twisting her criminal dynamite body back and forth and left and right of her- With a radical technique and a roaring voice that resembles a roar of a beast, it is a pleasure that numbs her medulla oblongata.- Invite a man.- Anyway, Miss Rei who is greedy for pleasure. - Your reason is blown away in the endless continuous live play- There is no doubt. - Pleasure greedy horny beast that does not know the decline to the divine prostrate to Aya Rei!