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Eri Makino, a housewife with a sexy body full of flesh, was bored with the same unstimulated days. - One day as she walks on her way home from shopping, she discovers a man and a woman who are boldly squirming outside! - Eri who heats her crotch to a shocking sight, hides in the shadow and immerses herself in masturbation. - She makes her pussy fluffy while leaking a naughty pant voice! - She wondered if she wanted to be embraced by a stranger, she wondered, and a few days later she again sneaked her feet where the men and women were. - Then that man who appeared there again. - Tie her up, take off her clothes, and stick to her huge breasts! - Despite being embarrassed, she surrenders to her man's fierce blame and agonizes over pleasure! - (Delivery provided by Dream Room: Chinko Bing Maru)