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This inn boasts an open-air bath, and it's a bewitching and beautiful young landlady! - She decides to entertain two customers in place of the companion that she couldn't arrange due to her subordinate's mistake. - It's supposed to be about drinking alcohol together, but I can't help but open my crotch to the men who squeeze in, "If you don't want to damage the reputation of the inn, treat it properly"! - Except from the open kimono, the shape is not deformed and the butt is plump, and the white and plump boobs. - In order to enjoy the obscene and beautiful body first, you can enjoy Nyotaimori with chopsticks and wakamezake, and all-you-can-eat men! - The landlady who gradually felt it, but with its elegant little mouth, got rid of two dicks! - Let's enjoy the condition of the lower little mouth in the open-air bath under the starry sky. - Please take a look at the nasty reception of the landlady who is also satisfied with our customers! - (Delivery provided by Dream Room: Must be Caribbean)