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A sex battle between a blonde beauty with a super dynamite body and a Japanese boy! - The second installment of "US Porn Star VS Japanese Boys"! - This time, Dayna-chan, whose chest and buttocks are not full of flesh, will appear. - On the other hand, a Japanese host-like AV actor. - A Japanese boy who faints Dayna with a whole body caress while being overwhelmed by a powerful body like a mass of erotic from top to bottom. - Is Dayna a little overwhelmed? - I thought that I would fill my face with my pussy and make a full erection of the cock with a blowjob and a woman on top posture! - At the end, bukkake vigorously on the body with raw sex that makes each other feel good! - It was a good match that was spectacular and unmatched! - If you haven't seen the first one yet, please click here! - (Delivery provided by Dream Room: Chinko Bing Maru)