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I will visit Mayu-chan's room, which is too cute for a celebrity face! - I want to know what's going on in such a cute girl's room and where the pants are stored. - You want to see it, right? - You want to smell it, right? - Mayu-chan was willing to put us in the room. - The classic naked apron in the kitchen. - From behind Mayu-chan, who is cooking her, she gropes her nipples, gropes her crotch, invades the carrot into the dick, and I can't stand it, too. - She began to shake her hips and pant, saying, "Don't put that in." - With a neat face, the dick is hairy. - Mayu-chan, who was squeezed by a toy while cooking by hand and pulled her hips out, can no longer be sane ... Let's go to the room soon.