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Yu Asakura finally makes her debut as a one-way exclusive original! You can hear the memories of your first experience and the secret stories such as the number of experienced people! - After the interview, we will show you how to take off your underwear! Ask them to take off their underwear by looking up at the camera from below. - When she becomes naked, she has M-shaped spread legs and her pussy is checked. - With her posture in the background and pulling the crack in the butt sideways, Moro's appearance is naughty. - Yuu-chan is asked for her impressions when Ochinchin is put out in front of her again. - After all it seems strange that there are only things that girls do not have. - Ochinchin, which was small, grows bigger as you see it with Yuu-chan's blow job. - Yuu-chan, who takes it with your mouth, is cute. - I have them change into a micro bikini and take a closer look. - After that, go to production. - Caress her nipples by tracing her nipples from the top of a small bikini. - I will raise the naughty mood. - Yuu who begins to panting in earnest when fingering and cunnilingus. - I can't help but show the place where Yuu-chan is in the raw insertion, and I can't wait to have sex while watching it carefully !! The last talk that approaches the real face after the vaginal cum shot is a must-see! Yuu-chan. - Pay attention to the shy gestures and watch again and again! - And Yuu Asakura. - Do not miss it!!