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A gorgeous special edition starring Miyu Shiina, an innocent girl with black hair and twin tails, and Leo Saionji, a former celebrity with an outstanding style! - The first half is a naughty prank project on Miyu Shiina, who has black hair and long tails! - When he enters the room, he immediately inserts his erect cock while fully clothed! - Even though she's horny, she shakes her hips with a pussy that gets wet instantly! - She is attacked with a toy without having time to catch her breath, and even urinates in the bath! - An intense sexual intercourse with rapid developments and non-stop excitement that can't stop! - In the second half, Reo Saionji, a former entertainer who made it to the final selection of the 9th generation of A●B and appeared in TV dramas, has an outstanding style. - She serves her master well as a maid who listens to everything she says! - Even though she is violently attacked with a vibrator and incontinences many times and convulses, she still holds the cock firmly in her mouth. - She enjoys sausages in the morning. - When he penetrated her from behind while standing in the kitchen, she said in a husky voice, "Master, I'm going to cum!" - Nude apron SEX is also worth watching! - There are many highlights!