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Mayu Aoyama, who has a plump body that looks comfortable to hold, plays the role of a married woman who falls into a sad and obscene forbidden relationship. - First appearance on Ippondo! - Her husband returns home with his girlfriend's subordinates after work. - His wife, played by Mayu Aoyama, seems to be somewhat lethargic. - While she was talking in the living room, her husband fell asleep on the spot, probably because he was tired. - The wife leaves her husband alone and invites her subordinate to another room to talk about her troubles. - While she is confiding in everything from her private life to her marital life, Mayu aggressively presses her into a relationship as if to release her daily stress. - The two fall into a forbidden relationship as the man loses his reason due to the sweet and painful sensations of Mayu's sensuality. - The adulterous sexual intercourse burns up as if she were enjoying the thrill without her husband noticing. - Mayu Aoyama, appearing for the first time on Ippondo, charms you with the eroticism of a married woman with a sweet and painful sexual desire. - Do not miss it!