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Hina Kusakabe, a magical beautiful mature woman who exudes a unique sex appeal, appears for the first time on Ippondo! - She goes to the garbage disposal in a sexy outfit with her chest wide open. - Just then, a neighbor shows up at the garbage disposal site and they briefly greet each other. - . - . - . - He loses his mind due to the sexy appearance of a married woman, and suddenly he hugs her and gives her a blowjob. - . - . - And then a few days later. - . - . - Once again, the two run into each other at the garbage disposal, but the married woman, who is at the peak of her frustration over the half-finished affair, invites the man into her house. - Since her husband is away, a married woman moans and moans that echo throughout the room. - Don't miss Hina Kusakabe's nice body, which is a little thin but has an excellent figure and a nice body!