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Luna Nanami, a slender beauty with perfect round breasts and fair skin, plays the role of a beautiful proprietress of a hot spring inn and provides the best service! - After a few greetings, he said, ``Please take your time and relax,'' and relaxed in front of the male customer's kimono, and then suddenly he started talking! - "Please relax," the young landlady gives her a hand job and blowjob, physically relaxing her! - If you look closely, you will see that she is wearing a yukata with no panties or bra from the beginning to make it easier for her to serve you! - Facesitting and 69, handjob and blowjob and cum swallowing! - At night, we still have the best service, so she takes off the futon, takes off her yukata, twists her beautiful body, and has sex with her white tabi socks! - Easily overcome the hurdles of expectations! - Excellent to say the least! - At first, the male customer was excited by the aggressive service, but he started sucking on her beautiful naked body! - Please enjoy to your heart's content the extreme and exquisite hospitality of the young proprietress.