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If your friend's mom is blowing out pheromones so much and it's erotic, can you control your reason? - A married woman who suddenly shoots at her son's friend who visits her son with a no bra tank top. - With the excuse of serving drinks, I suddenly kiss and take off my clothes. - He is almost rigid as if he was glared at by a snake in such a bold and forcible attack, but his body continues to react honestly to the unstoppable attack of a married woman. - With the switch on, he devours big breasts with a counter attack, licks it with cunnilingus, and entangles each other's hot bodies. - At the end, he shakes his hips with unstoppable momentum, puts it inside, and ascends! - After it's over, you'll want to get licked and clean, and you'll want to go inside the married woman again.