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You can see that the appearance is a shy and mature lady type, and the way of speaking at the time of the interview is different from any beautiful woman who has appeared so far. - Such a lady-type beauty confesses her true intentions and private life in an interview! The appearance of responding to her work, hobbies, and favorite male type with an elegant tone makes me think that she is a real lady. - When she takes off her clothes, she has beautiful white skin that makes her think that she has never been tanned. - And, the old-fashioned bowl-type beautiful breasts that do not lose their shape, the soft buttocks that look crisp, and the beautiful man who cares perfectly. - Such a beautiful woman fascinates the original etch. - She has the best camera angle and the innocent type she has never seen before. - Take a look at the young lady whose video is far more cute than the photo! - !! - !!