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Manaka-chan, a girl who has a voice like an anime character and is cute like a small animal, confesses her true feelings and private life nakedly. - From the first experience to the naughty experience in the car, the listening side may think "Speak clearly in a louder voice !!!!", but the shyness is cute! - I can't say anything. - Manaka-chan, contrary to her appearance, likes sex and she doesn't like it. - Especially when I'm being blamed, I'm happiest! - !! - And she says she also loves to hold a cock. - Then, when I got a blow job immediately, ... I'm a technician because I like the tongue usage, suction power, and blow job, although the awkwardness is a little noticeable. - At first, Manaka-chan thought she was shy. - However, she is full of disorder that does not seem to be the same person when she is in front of the cock. - If you like sex and you don't like it, please take a look at the shy girls!